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Welcome to the HEDIR

Welcome to the HEDIR. Since 1992 we have been serving the profession. Let us know what I can do for you to help you to incorporate technology. This website has a number of items that may be of interest to

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

When I married in the middle 1990s I became a stepfather to two great kids…a boy who was 7 and a girl who was about 5. Throughout these past 17 years I grew to love them as my own. Both


My congratulations to my faculty at NMSU for receiving word that our MPH was re-accredited for another seven years. Anybody who has gone through accreditation knows the amount of work that it takes to complete such a task. The faculty

Another Sad Day

On Saturday, May 28, 2011 Pat Hanson from California, shared with the HEDIR the passing of Phyllis Reed. Dr. Reed was an outstanding health educator who spent her professional career at the University of Nevada–Reno. Below is the memo that

Weathering Las Cruces Weather

Last summer when interviewing for this position I hopped off the plane with the temperatures near 100 (of course it was a ‘dry’ heat). Folks in Las Cruces jokingly asked what I thought of the weather (what they didn’t know