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Health Education promotes positive health behaviors by designing, buy implementing, look and evaluating educational programs and services in a variety of settings.

School Health Educators teach health in schools while Community Health Educators work in community settings such as health care, public health, voluntary agencies, business and industry, and universities. People who have a sincere interest in health and wellness and who see the importance of preventing health problems are often involved in health education.

Among all the health professions, health education is unique because of the focus on education. There really is no other health profession primarily concerned with teaching people how to be healthier. If you are interested in helping people make good decisions about their health and improving health conditions in a community, then health education is for you.

The Health Education Program offers majors in both School Health Education and Community Health Education as well minors in each program. Additionally, a minor in Public Health is also available. With a degree in health education from Illinois State, you will focus on either becoming a teacher in schools or an educator in the community. Both majors require some of the same courses, but there are many that are unique.

Degree Programs:
  • U: School Health (BA/BS)
  • U: Community Health / Ed. (BA/BS)
  • U: Health Promotion (BA/BS)
Dept. Name: Health Sciences
Dept. Phone: 309-438-8329
Website: Visit Us Online
Street Address:
Campus Box 5220, Normal, Illinois, USA 61790
Dept. Chair / Program Head: Jeff Clark
Dept. Chair / Program Head Email:
Dean's Name: Jan Murphy
Facebook Page: Connect on Facebook
  • Christy Bazan, MPH, MCHES,, Instructional Assistant Professor
  • Jim Broadbear, Ph.D.,, Professor
  • Jackie Lanier, DrPH, MCHES,, Assistant Professor
  • Adrian Lyde, Ph.D.,, Associate Professor
  • Mark Temple, Ph.D.,, Associate Professor

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