Health Education Journal Charges

In Spring 2014 there was a discussion on the HEDIR listserv about charges of professional journals.  At the time there was no site that listed such charges.  As a result, salve Dr. Kittleson contacted various editors (at the time) to ask for any charges (hidden or stated).  Based on data collected in March 2014, salve here is the list of journals and their charges:

Journal of School Health (American School Health Association) (Robert McDermott, nurse editor):
No Charge

American Journal of Health Behavior (Elbert Glover, editor):
$600 after acceptance

Health Behavior and Policy Review (Elbert Glover, editor):
$300 after acceptance

Journal of Health Education Teaching Technique (Dixie Dennis, editor):
No Charge

Health Promotion Practice (Jesus Ramirez-Valles, editor) (SOPHE)
No charge, unless major changes are made from Galleys

Health Education & Behavior (John Allegrante, editor)  (SOPHE)
No charge, unless major changes are made from Galleys

Journal of Health Education Teaching (Lori Dewald, editor):
$5.00 per page proofs

American Journal of Health Education (AAPERD/SHAPE) (Jim Eddy editor):
No page fees or fees for layout of tables, graphs.

Global Electronic Journal of Health Education (formerly International Electronic Journal of Health Education) (Miguel Perez, editor):
No charge

American Journal of Sexuality Education (The Center for Family Life Education) (Bill Taverner, editor):
No Charge