Author Information

Introducing a new concept in publishing health related textbook–HEDIR (Heat-er) Publishing. HEDIR Publishing specializes in electronic books–books produced on CDs. HEDIR Publishing allows authors to sell books at massive discounts and receive sizably larger royalties than through the traditional bound-text.

Costs are further reduced by having the authors provide text in their favorite word processing program in ‘a camera’ ready format. HEDIR Publishing will convert the text to PDF or htm format.

The responsibilities between HEDIR Publishing and the author are as follows:

HEDIR Publishing:

  • Convert to PDF/htm
  • Prepare links
  • Obtain ISBN/Bar code
  • Make copies of CDs/CD covers/shrink wrap
  • Ship books to bookstores
  • Marketing of Book
  • Provide complimentary copies to prospective adopters


  • Prepare text, including tables/graphs, pictures, final editing
  • Locate reviewers (if desired)
  • Prepare information for covers
  • Assist in the Marketing of Book
  • Secure copyright permissions
  • 30% Royalty of all sales