Vital Statistics for the Public Health Educator, 4th edition

Mark J. Kittleson, PhD

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Release Date: August 1, 2018

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In this unique, and even entertaining approach to the understanding and utilization of vital statistics in the public health professions, Mark J. Kittleson leads the reader through a step-by-step process that examines the various aspects of vital statistics and their practical applications.

Kittleson aims to install confidence in public health professionals–students and practitioners alike regarding the essential use of vital statistics in their work.  As finances become tighter, public health professionals are forced to utilize alternative methods for program planning. Vital statistics are some of the more readily accessible resources available to the public health professionals in short- and long- range planning.  Yet many people in the public health fields are uncomfortable with the use of vital statistics; despite their professional training in basic and advanced statistics, practitioners are often acquainted with only a restricted application of the practical aspect of statistics. Where can professionals or students in public health go to learn such practical application?  Most information on vital statistics is buried in epidemiology or statistics textbooks, where a knowledge of the various properties commonly used in vital statistics is taken for granted.

Assuming his readers know very little about vital statistics, Kittleson uses a hand-on approach to guide the reader through an easily accessible method of locating data on the web, then interpreting and reporting vital statistics.  Kittleson provides practice problems and their solutions as well as a chapter that gives a thorough review of basic mathematical principles.  Written as a supplement to a variety of related courses, such as epidemiology, program planning, and community development, this book will be of assistance to all professionals in the field of public health.

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