HEDIR Policies

The HEDIR has been the best method of communicating with large numbers of health educators. Once subscribed, you can send memos to HEDIR@HEDIR.org. The HEDIR also accepts attachments, but participants are asked to limit such attachments. The messages are not censured, and since 1994 the discussions have varied from slow, to incredibly intense. The HEDIR consists of professionals, thus we expect professional behavior. It should also be noted that with over 1,500 participants it is doubtful if every message is of value to each person. That’s ok…if it’s a topic of no interest, delete it!

Students are also encouraged to participant, especially under the auspice of their faculty supervisor. Note…if joining the HEDIR is a class assignment, please be sure to remove yourself after the class is over.

Please DO NOT send a memo over the HEDIR asking to be removed. Each HEDIR message has directions; if you have problems, send Dr. Kittleson a personal email (kittleson@hedir.org) asking to be removed. Please try to remember your EXACT email. Oftentimes, people sign up with one email, have them forwarded to others.  Note that at the bottom of EVERY HEDIR message are directions to unsubscribe.

Since 2000 the HEDIR has had a policy to prevent unsolicited advertising. All jobs must be approved by the HEDIR to be sent over the HEDIR. The HEDIR works with HPCareer.net’s Michaela Conley in job advertisements. For more information, contact Michaela at michaela@hpcareer.net or go to http://hedir.hpcareer.net.

The HEDIR is a vehicle for health educators to promote ideas, solicit ideas and encourage people to participate in various events. Many of these events are free, however increasingly, more such events are charging for participation. Over the past few years there has been an increase in a number of for-profit initiatives that have been posted over the HEDIR. Charges to participate in such endeavors often range from $25 to $250. It is not the attempt of the HEDIR to thwart promoting such events over the HEDIR, however the fact that such agencies are charging a registration fee warrants a change in advertising policies. On the other hand, charging may drive away agencies who are interested in promoting their project, so the HEDIR needs to balance the fine line between allowing limited advertising and not allowing people to promote important programs.

With the above in mind, the following fee structure exist:


Always welcomed to promote over the HEDIR.


There are two categories:

  1. If your event charges less than a $100 for the event, the fee is ‘two’ free passes that the HEDIR will distribute to deserving professionals (including students).  For example, if you are charging $25.00 for an event, the organization will be asked to distribute two free passes (equal to $50).
  2. If the event charges $100 or more, the fee will be $100 PLUS 1 free registration.

As with the Job Ads, HPCareer.Net, Michaela Conley, will oversee such advertising and all such advertisements will be sent through her.

Programs that are exempt include:

  • Programs that offer free programs
  • Programs that offer free programs, but may charge for continuing education hours
  • Events promoted by national organizations (i.e., SOPHE).
  • Others with written consent of Dr. Kittleson or his designee.

Note: The HEDIR reserves the right to change or amend these policies at any time without notice.