National Health Education Week–Day 1

Folks, Thanks to those who participated in today’s webinar “The Death of School Health Education“. (archived presentation)

You can view the draft of the memo by clicking here. Here are the questions and comments that were posed. We couldn’t answer them all, so feel free to comment on any that you deem important.

Maybe the problem is TOO MANY organizations?

Check out

  • Mark, How do we influence AAHPERD since they are actively promoting both PE and health…we tried that route in NY by formallyseparating (health and PE) and we found it very hard to go against NYSAHPERD as they continued to have good attendance and the
    health organization struggled. So, it is insitutionalized in our professional organizations
  • In NC we rely on public health educators to provide regional professional development to school health makes for a great regional relationship since youth access public health resources locally
  • I am curious as to how school health education became joined with physical education in the first place. Frankly, in high schooI. I always wondered what made my high school’s football coach qualified to teach me about sex education.
  • Perhaps one solution could be an MPH/MAT or MPH/MEd combination for those wishing to focus on school-aged health education?
  • To what extent do you agree that health professors are at fault for not advising their students appropriately during the past several decades? If they had recognized the economics of education – they would have advised their students to have second teaching
    edorsements themselves in Spanish, special education , biology or any other second area in demand – all specialty areas need second endorsements for employment options – but health professors did not recognize this and did not prepare their majors with appropriate
    other classroom endorsements – the PE combination is not appropriate because you can not teach the pedagogy for both classroom and non-classroom instruction in a 4 year period.
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